Calcium Nitrate 15.5:00:00+18.8CA

Calcium Nitrate 15.5:00:00+18.8CA is another specialty fertilizer that uses calcium and nitrate to make the soil better for crops. It is a fertilizer made up of two nutrients, with a white granular appearance that dissolves quickly in water and can be absorbed rapidly by plants. It is an perfect combination of 15.5% nitrogen in nitrate form that rapidly dissolves in water and 18.8% calcium. It promotes the healthy growth of the plant.

Chemical Specification of Calcium Nitrate Fertilizer

15.5% nitrogen in nitrate
18.8% calcium
Granule form

Benefits of Calcium Nitrate Fertilizer:

1. This is water soluble fertilizer and has water soluble calcium
2. Helps in improving cells strength and root/shoot growth development
3. Helps in shelf life improvement, which reduces post harvest losses
4. Helps as remedy for calcium deficient disorders in crops

Compatibility with other fertilizers

It is mixed with any soluble, except, in stocks where phosphate and sulphate are present. It is a good free-flowing, granular product. When mixed with water it does not have any residue.

The following mixtures reduce solubility and form the following sedimentation.

1. Calcium nitrate with sulphates = formation of CaSO4 precipitates (gypsum).
Ca(NO3)2 +(NH4)2SO4 → CaSO4
2. Calcium nitrate with phosphates = precipitation and formation of Ca phosphate.
Ca(NO3)2 +NH4H2PO4 → CaHPO4

Applications of Calcium Nitrate Fertilizer

Being an inorganic fertilizer it is good where soil acidification is not required. When both Calcium and nitrogen is required, its application is most useful. When the rainfall is less, it is a perfection solution to balance the plant growth. Gardeners need it for growing edibles and vegetables in smaller spaces. Both, tomatoes and apples need this fertilizer for good quality growth. Other areas it can be used include water waste, pre-conditioning for odor emission, concrete admixtures. Elsewhere it is also used for re-genera table cold packs.

Product Properties
Chemical FormulaCa(NO3)2
CompositionN content: 15.5%
Ca content: 18.8%
Solution pH5.8
Molar Mass 164.088  g/mol
Appearance colorless solid hygroscopic
Density2.504 g/cm3
Melting point561 °C (1,042 °F; 834 K) (anhydrous)
Solubility in water1212 g/L (20 °C) 2710 g/L (40 °C)
Solubilitysoluble in ammonia,almost insoluble in nitric acid

Technical Specification
Total Nitrogen(Ammonical and Nitrate form)per cent by weight>15.5
Nitrate Nitrogen as N per cent by weight >14.4
Water Soluble calcium as per cent by weight >18.8
Matter insoluble in water per cent by weight <1.5
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