NPK Fertilizer 13-40-13

NPK 13-40-13 is one unique product that has the most important nutrients that plants need at various phases of growth. This grade is suitable for all crops and helps in root development. It has potash, nitrogen and phosphorous in a single product in good measure. NPK 13-40-13 is water soluble fertilizer and can easily use by new farmers. Almost all crops can use it without any adverse reactions. It can also add to the production capacity.

Chemical Specification of NPK 13-40-13

N (Nitrogen) : 13%
P (Phosphorous) : 40%
K (Potassium) : 13%

Benefits in nutrient (N: P: K) deficient crops

1. Has also salt index and hence helps in better absorption of nutrients and its availability.
2. Non compatible with calcium nitrate and compatible with commonly used micro nutrients and pesticides (except Bordo)
3. Being low PH, it helps in better nutrient uptake through soil.
4. Flower spray —ideal with 0.5 % (i.e. 5 gm Biter water)

Compatibility with other fertilizers

It is compatible with many other fertilizers. It blends well also with phytosanitary products. This makes it different from others in usage. It is not good for animal feed, food & beverage industrial processes. It is best used for agriculture and not for any other industry. When high quality raw material is used to make, it saves all the crops.

Applications of NPK 13-40-13

It is easily applied in the ratio of 4-5 grams per liter. In case of fertigation, the ratio is 1-3 kg/ac. The crystals get absorbed in the liquid. With a good phosphorous content, it makes sure that the roots and shoots develop in a good way. Most farmers use it in irrigation water. With proper use, the plants do not get any diseases. It can also induce the early maturity of the plants.

Technical Specification
Total Nitrogen as N, per cent by weight >13.0
Nitrate Nitrogen, , per cent by weight <4.4
Ammoniacal Nitrogen, per cent by weight>8.6
Water soluble Phosphate as P2O5, per cent by weight >40.0
Water soluble Potash as K2O, per cent by weight >13.0
Sodium as NaCl, per cent by weight, on dry basis <0.15
Matter insoluble in water, per cent by weight <0.5
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